Lessons Learned in Parenting

Lessons Learned in Parenting

I sat there in the lobby of a pediatric dental office while my firstborn was having a mouthful of teeth repaired under sedation.  My first inclination, along with the flood of emotion surrounding my son’s first procedure was Major Mom Guilt.  How did I let his teeth get this bad?

But the longer I sat, the more I realized that it did no good to beat myself up over this.  Instead, I’d do better to learn from my mistakes so we never have to do this again!

Parenting is really hard, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s like a test that you get no study guide for.  You’re just handed that sweet babe and expected to keep him/ her alive and thriving (yikes). And sometimes in the middle of the messiness of raising littles, we as parents forget obvious things like keeping our kiddos teeth clean and infection free.  Sometimes I’m just so tired of arguing with my son over why he can’t have the candy, why he needs to drink water instead of juice, and the list goes on and on that I give in and let him have his way.

But my BIG takeaway from this moment is that some things are worth fighting for.  Because as an adult, I know that sugar and lack of brushing enough leads to a mouth full of dental work.  My son is too little to know this yet.

So, Mom Guilt, you’d better take a hike.  I choose to learn the lesson here and be more vigilant about my son’s oral health so we don’t have to repeat this lesson.  It may be a hard fight, but it’s worthwhile.

What lesson is parenthood teaching you right now?  I’d love to here about it in the comments. It’s always encouraging to know I’m not alone in this thing.