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My name is Kristin, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my little corner of the www:).  We have a lot to talk about so I hope you’ll grab your favorite beverage (coffee, iced tea, green smoothie anyone?) and sit a spell.

Here’s my story and the inspiration behind the blog:

I love being a mommy.  In fact, many days I feel like I was placed on this earth to be a mommy and a wife.  I have two beautiful children and an awesome husband of over 10 years!

I also love being creative.  Although I do many things that could be labeled as “creative”, my outlet of choice is music.  I’ve loved making music as far back as I can remember, singing solos in church from the age of 3.  I’ve continued pursuing my musical passions ever since.

But when I had my first child, I was suddenly smacked in the face with a new reality: limited free time!  At first I struggled to accept that I just couldn’t put the time and effort into my music that I once did.  Then, as I got used to my new life with a needy newborn, something strange happened.  I found myself becoming more creative in less time.

It was less than six months after the birth of my son that I self-published my first book, Ten Weeks to a Better Voice.  I had been working on that book off and on for 4 years, but dragging my feet to finish it and share it with the world.  After becoming a mom, I decided I was as busy as I’d ever be but could no longer come up with any excuses as to why my book shouldn’t be released.  So I hired an editor and released the finished product.

Fast forward several more years, and I’d released two more self-published books, created a 5-song EP, and ran a music lesson business, all while raising my son.  Last year, I got pregnant with my daughter and realized my life was probably about to get even busier!  I was right.

At the beginning of this year, I started thinking about parenting and creativity and how they seem to compliment each other.  After all, I truly believe that I entered into the most creative period of my life after I had my first kid.  And if I weren’t creative in my parenting approach, I’d probably be crying all the time because raising little humans is so stinkin’ hard.

Thus the idea for this blog was born.  I want to erase the myth that your creative life is over when you start having babies; in fact, you may be getting ready for your most creative season of life yet!  You can “find time to be YOU, and a great parent too”.

Now, that’s enough talk about me.  Let’s talk about you and what this blog can do for you.

In this blog, you’ll find 4 main categories of inspiration:

  • Creative Parenting: We can all use support when raising these precious little ones.  This is a no judgment zone because we’re all learning here. Every. single. day.
  • Creative Romance: It’s often the first area overlooked when the little ones come along, so this is the spot to find inspiration for your most important relationship with your significant other.
  • Creative YOU: If you want to raise a thriving family, it starts with taking care of YOU.  We’ll explore methods of self-care that keep you sane and happy. We’ll also get into the nitty-gritty of setting goals that make you excited to roll out of bed in the morning, even if you had to get up with your infant four times last night (true story😉).
  • Creative Community: A life well-lived is nothing without your peeps.  Connect with your community and find purpose beyond yourself.


You will find posts in each of these categories with much more to come as I grow this blog.  My hope is that creativemommyhood.com will become a place of encouragement for you on your own journey as a parent and a creative person.

And, yes, YOU are a creative person!!  Now get out there and rock this one life you’ve been given.

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