The One Thing That’s Consistently Increased My Milk Supply

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The One Trick that’s Consistently Increased My Breastmilk Supply (It Might Surprise You!)

This post is for all of you fellow breastfeeding mommas out there. Are you like me, scouring the web for the best tips and hacks on increasing your milk supply?  I’m going to share a strange trick that has consistently proven over and over to keep my supply strong.
I wish I’d had this trick with my first baby.  I can honestly say, breastfeeding was a struggle.  Actually, the process of nursing ended up being fine, but I maybe had 6 backup freezer milks, if that.  This time around, with my second baby, my husband has had to relinquish an entire shelf in the freezer for my extra milk stash!  It’s been like night and day.

What is this odd trick?  Strangely enough, it comes from having the right mindset.  When I sat down to pump, I started setting an intention of how many ounces I wanted to pump during that session. Simple, and yet, it almost never fails to work!

I got this idea from reading about another Mom who was trying to increase her milk supply after returning to work and she said she asked her body to supply more milk.  When I read that, I shrugged and thought it sounded strange, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

So I began setting my intention before each session.  “All right ladies (I always try to treat them nicely!), let’s go for 5 ounces this session.” I am consistently producing 4, 5, and 6 ounces per pumping session.  The other crazy thing I do is say “thank you” to my body after a session.  I mean, how amazing is it that a Momma’s body can create food that can help sustain another human?

At the time of this writing, my daughter is 9 months old, and there is really no question of making it to the one-year mark when I may decide to wean.  Or we might just continue on since my body shows no sign of slowing down.

Do you have an offbeat trick that helps you maintain your breastmilk supply?  I’d love for you to share it in the comments below!

I must also give credit where credit is due.  With my second baby, I’ve used the most awesome breast pump!  If you’re in the market for one, look no further.  Seriously, it rocks!

Baby bottles filled with breastmilk from this one awesome hack!