Happy New Year

It’s a New Year!  Here’s How Creative Mommyhood is Changing.

I don’t know about you, but 2020 seemed to be about 3 years long!

I was not sad to change the date in my writing today to ’21 instead of ’20.  Bring on the New Year!

Also, bring on the new blog!  Let me elaborate (but also be brief because it is January 1st and I’m sure you have lots of important New-Years-ey things to do today).

I began Creative Mommyhood about a year and a half ago because of my love of writing and my most important role of being a Mommy.  And, oh my, how I love this little blog!  Nothing brings me more pleasure than when a reader makes a comment about how a post helped or inspired them in some way.  Your feedback is absolute cash money to me.  (So, keep it coming, please!)

However, I believe that this blog is due for a revamp and a pivot.  Sometimes by trying to focus on All The Things, I end up focusing on none of them.  So, I recently sat down to figure out what I wanted the future of CreativeMommyhood.com to look like.

And here’s what came to me:

Two Main Focuses

From now on, Creative Mommyhood content will center around two main focuses: Parenting and Goal Setting.

  • Parenting: Well, duh, this is a parent-focused blog, if the name doesn’t give it away. So, I will bring you more and more content this year that helps you be the best darn Mommy to your kids that you can possibly be!  Parenting is really the heart and soul of this blog.
  • Goal Setting: I am completely passionate about Goal-Setting!  And I know when you become a mom, it’s all too easy to put yourself, your life, and your goals on the back burner in order to raise those precious babes of yours.  Don’t do that!  Pursue your goals while you parent well.  Show those kids of yours that you can be a well-rounded Mommy and a goal-crusher.  They need to see you achieving your dreams so they’re inspired to go after their own dreams too.

New Resources

Along with these two main categories of the blog, you can expect some fun, new resources as well.  These resources will support your endeavors in Parenting and Goal-Setting.  I really can’t wait to share these special projects with you.  I think you’re going to love them!

What Do You Want to Achieve in 2021?

January 1st just feels like a breath of fresh air, right?  Like anything is possible.  And that’s the truth that anything is possible, even if the calendar doesn’t read January 1st.  But since it does today, I’d love for you to share something with me.  What is one goal you’d like to achieve in 2021?  Leave a comment below on what it is.

I hope you have a wonderful, fresh new start to this year, and here’s to your absolute best year of parenting and reaching your goals yet!  I look forward to cheering you on this year through the blog.



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