Kids’ Birthday Cake Tradition

A Sweet Birthday Tradition Your Kids Will Love!


We are just coming through the season of kid birthdays in this house.  My son turned 7 in September, and my daughter will be turning 3 tomorrow.  

It will feel strange to add a new birthday in the spring once this current bun in the oven is born next March!  I’m so used to my kids’ birthdays happening in the fall.

Before I even had kids, there was one birthday tradition I knew I wanted to practice once there were little ones in my family:  I wanted to make their cakes.  

And that is exactly what I’ve done throughout the years!  

Chocolate bundt cake with colorful sprinkles

After all, there is nothing quite like digging into the birthday treat your Mommy created especially for you on your special day! 

If you’d like to try out this sweet tradition with your own kids, read on for some quick tips to get started.

Kids’ Cake Success Tips


  1. Let Your Kid Choose

Part of the appeal of my children getting their own birthday cake is that I let them choose what they would like.  This includes format (cake, cupcakes, cake pops), flavor, frosting, and design.  

Obviously, if your child is turning 1, you may want to go ahead and make that decision for him or her!  But after that age, kids love the opportunity to choose their own cake. 

This year, my daughter specifically asked for pink Barbie cupcakes with pink frosting. Here’s what we came up with: 

These may look a little “rustic”, but I assure you they were so delicious, that we ate them all in a couple of days.  The best part is, my daughter absolutely loved them because she was the one who decided exactly what she wanted.

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 2.Gather Your Library of Resources

If you’re going to be making cakes, it’s nice to have some go-to recipes you know you can use again and again.  Maybe you already have recipes in your arsenal, but just in case you need some ideas, I’ll share some of my favorite resources with you.  These are so worth checking out!

  • Cake Mix Doctor– I can’t tell you how much I’ve used this book over the years, mostly because I’ve lost count.  Start with a cake mix, doctor it up with basic ingredients, and voila: You’ve got a delicious creation!  Not to mention, this woman insists on creating your own homemade frostings, and they truly put each cake over the top!  Highly, highly recommended!
  • Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor– Yes, this is the same Cake Mix Doctor from the previous recommendation.  She is that good!  And honestly, I’ve yet to find a book of hers that I don’t like, even the ones centered around dinner rather than dessert.  I’ve also used this book countless times to make cupcakes.  The recipes are unique and the results are pretty spectacular.  I made my daughter’s strawberry cupcakes (pictured above) from her recipe on page: 
  • Cake Pops– I haven’t done a lot with cake pops over the years as my kids tend to ask for big cakes or cupcakes.  But the cake pops I’ve made, I’ve been pretty satisfied with.  Here is a recipe book that only features cake pops.  Yes, it’s a messy process, but so worth the effort!  And cake pops are just darn cute.  Mine don’t exactly look professional, but what matters is that they taste great.  

Orange pumpkin cake pops

3. K. I. S. S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetie) and Delicious!

Here is something to keep in mind when you’re making cakes and treats for your family: No one said you have to be the “Next Great Baker”.  Go right ahead and take that pressure off yourself.  Some of my creations have been less than pristine, but still delicious.  Case in point, my son’s chocolate cake for this year and his Ninja Turtle cupcakes from last year:

Two-tiered chocolate cake with sprinkles

Ninja turtle faces on cupcakes

Do you think he cared that his cakes were less than bakery standard?  Of course not.  

Keep your designs and recipes as simple as possible.  The only real standard is that your creations taste good! Everything else is really just extra frosting on the cake;).  

Do you make cakes for your children’s birthdays?  If not, I encourage you to try out this tradition the next time someone’s special day rolls around.  I truly believe you’ll fall in love with this meaningful, sweet tradition!


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