No such thing as a Super Mom

No Superheroes

Why We Don’t Need You to be a Superhero Mom Right Now


Ever notice something about superheros when you watch their movies or read their comics? Every single one of them is not entirely human.  They might be part human, but there is a part of them that is otherworldly as well.  For example:

  • Superman, aka Clark Kent (my favorite superhero, btw), isn’t even from Earth, but was sent to Earth by his father from the planet Krypton
  • Spider-Man, or Peter Parker, started out life as a human boy, but was bit by a radioactive spider, hence empowering Peter with his spider-like reflexes
  • Instead of being born, the original Wonder Woman was sculpted out of clay by her mother on an all-female island

And the list goes on.

Image of super mom

My point is to say that this period of our lives, even more specifically, this year of our lives is not without its challenges.  2020 has been laced with mind-numbing fear over this global pandemic, racial tensions that continue to escalate, politically-charged animosity on all sides, and plenty of natural disasters to keep us awake at night.  

And you might be feeling like you need some super human strength to get through all of it right now. I get that.  I really do.

But before you use a bunch of energy to concoct a plan to show the rest of us how perfectly you’re handling this period in history, may I beg you to reconsider?

The world doesn’t need your perfect right now.  Here’s what we need instead:


  • Your family needs to see your vulnerability. The greatest moms and dads I know are not afraid to show their weaknesses.  Take my mom, for example.  She’s never been afraid to talk to me about her fears.  And that to me doesn’t make her look weak in my eyes; it helps me to see how strong she actually is.  Your family needs to know when you’re having a hard time.  They should be aware when you’re struggling. They need to see you as human…because you are human.
  • Your Insta-life should be filled with real life.  It seems like there is a real awakening these days to just how fake perfect social media can be.  We’re not all at the prime of our lives, running multi-million dollar, environmentally-responsible businesses, while rocking our perfect, postpartum bodies, and cooking up gourmet meals in our recently renovated kitchens.  Is that the kind of life you want to portray on your SM? Is that the kind of life you want to read about from other women?  Does reading that kind of content really inspire you, or leave you feeling a bit disgruntled with your own life after a while?  Don’t be afraid to share bits and pieces of your real life- the good and the bad- on your social media.  One of the most interactive posts I’ve had recently was a post that said, “I’ve had a rough day.  Anyone else struggling today?”  People responded like crazy, and that opened up the opportunity for a lot of great conversations.  Many of us are not okay right now.  If you’re there too, don’t be afraid to own that. 
  • “Perfect” is a myth. I sorta wish “perfect” wasn’t even a word in our vocabulary.  Because really, what is perfect anyway?  Is your home perfectly clean?  How about that project you worked on with your second grader for school? Is that perfect? Your body after you’ve given birth?  Probably NOT the body of Wonder Woman.  But why is that a bad thing?  Your imperfect life is beautiful.  Stunning in fact, because it makes you, YOU.  Stop chasing perfect!  It doesn’t exist. 

I want to encourage you today, Momma.  Take off your Super Mom cape.  Give yourself a break from the facade. Show the ones around you who you really are, imperfections and all.  Because whether or not you realize it, when you live authentically, the people around you think you’re pretty amazing!

You really are a superhero, just by being a Mom.  No perfection needed.

Mother holding daughter and kissing her