Aug ’20 Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals for August

I am happy to say that July 2020 was one of the best months I’ve ever had reaching my monthly goals!  I’m certain the accountability factor of posting my goals on this blog and social media was helpful.

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Here’s a quick recap of my July goals and how they went:

  • Log 10 Pilates Sessions. I got through 8, but I changed up Pilates to Strength Training at the end of the month.  ST gives me (personally) more bang for my buck.  I still love Pilates though!
  • Begin Sinking Funds/ B2School and Makeup. Resounding success!  Sinking funds are both going well. In fact, I’ve already used a little of the B2School fund to purchase my son some supplies.
  • 3 New Blog Posts on CreativeMommyhood.  Yes, oh yes!  So proud of myself for this! By the way, one of my favorite blog posts that came out of last month is on self-care.  Be sure to read it if you haven’t had a chance!
  • Read Influencer Book.  I love reading anyway,  so finishing a book within a month is not a lofty goal for me.  This book was super useful as I grow this little blog, plus it’s a great price too.  The real value came when I went back over the book after I had read it.  I reread all my highlights and took notes in my blogging journal. If you’re trying to become an influence person in any area you can think of, the Influencer book can definitely help!
Sinking fund money envelopes
My sinking fund envelopes I created in July!

Back to School/Work

Which brings us to the current month of August…

Two HUGE things are happening this month: My son is going back to school (in person) and I am going back to work (teaching in person).  It’s a little scary to think about, so I distract myself by thinking about my August goals instead.

August goals written out on goal-setting paper

Here they are:

  • Log 8 Strength Training Sessions.
  • Continue sinking funds/ Use B2School sinking fund for me and my son.
  • 3 new blog posts.
  • Create new Goal-setting printable for CreativeMommyhood readers!

A note about the final goal: I had such success with my July goals, I think in part because of the format I used to write out my goals.  As cute as I think that format is, I have an idea to create a goal setting sheet and tracker that will be exclusively for readers of this blog!  That’s coming really soon, so stay tuned!

Ok, these are my goals for August!  I’ll post my progress on them in September!  I’d love to know what goals you have for this month.  Leave a comment below!