Achieve Your Goals in 2023!

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals This Year!

It’s January 2023, and you know what that means… resolution time. Here at Creative Mommyhood, we don’t believe in setting resolutions because they don’t work.  And when you fail at resolutions year after year, it makes you want to quit making them at all. After all, why bother? But you know what does work? Setting goals.

What works even better is setting intentional, important-to-you, specific, and measurable goals that you are actually excited to work on and achieve. 

Here’s how to set goals that will make you excited to get out of bed in the morning and get to work on them.

The 7 Categories of a Well-Rounded Life

When you are aiming to set awesome goals that you actually stand a chance at achieving, you need to create goals for 7 different areas in your life:

  1. Physical
  2. Spiritual
  3. Personal Development
  4. Financial
  5. Family
  6. Social
  7. Career

Why can’t you just choose one category and create some goals for that? Simply because, your life is multifaceted.  You don’t just tend to your family daily.  You don’t just go to your job and never have down time or go out with friends.  Each day, you probably spend some time going to your job, paying bills, taking care of your family, and maybe attending a religious service on the weekend.  

So, you need to set goals in each of these areas in order to have a well-rounded life. You want to work toward growing in each area. 

To help you do that, we’ve created a free printable goal chart for all of your 2023 goals. Get it now!

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3 Steps to Goals that Work

Now that you’ve got your goal chart printable , here’s how to create the most amazing goals that you are truly motivated to achieve. I recommend you write a rough draft of your goals first on a separate piece of paper. Then use this 3- step process to make sure each goal is one that will work for you. Run each of your goals through this litmus test and revise them as needed. 

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I really want in this area of my life by this time next year?” For example, “What do I really want my finances to look like by this time next year?” Begin to create several goals based on the answers you come up with. Repeat this process for each category. 
  2. After you’ve created 1-3 goals for each of the 7 categories, read each goal out loud. You want to find out if that goal truly inspires you.  If you only feel “meh” about it, you need to revise the goal until it lights you up when you read it. You’re way more likely to see your goals through when you’re excited about them and they truly come from your heart. 
  3. Be sure each goal is as specific as possible.  Better yet, can you add a deadline to each goal? Some of your goals might not take the whole year to achieve.  Your goal to run a half marathon could be met in July.  By attaching deadlines to your goals, you can no longer make the excuse of having vague goals. 

With this amazing printable, you have a great tool to help you achieve all your greatest goals for this year. But if you want to take it step further, we’ve got another awesome resource to help you do just that.  

Ultimate Goal Planner

It’s often not enough to just set yearly goals and go about your life. You might make some progress, but if you’re really serious about leveling up your life in all 7 areas, you need our Ultimate Goal Planner!  This guide will walk you step by step through setting your goals for the year, then breaking them down into monthly steps, and further breaking them down into weekly actions. Using this guide gives you a huge advantage to great goal achievement. 

And the best news of all- you can grab it now for just $5. We’re using the guide ourselves here at CM, so you’ll be able to see how we work on our own goals throughout this year. We’ll be going through the different pages on social media to show you how they work in real time. 

Are you ready to dream BIG in 2023? More importantly, are you ready to take those dreams and turn them into concrete, achievable goals, even if they seem unlikely to be accomplished now? 

You can do this, and the Creative Mommyhood Team will be right beside you, providing awesome resources just for you! 

What are you waiting for? Grab your free Yearly Goal Printable today!